One Hour Support Guarantee

Support is one of those things you hope you never need, but when you do, you need it right now. We recognize that if your site is down or your email is not working, then it is an urgent matter for you and your business. We’re also consumers of web infrastructure services, so we appreciate the frustration that comes from having to sit around and wait for a response.

When it came time for us to find a partner to handle support for our clients, we searched far and wide and finally teamed up with SureSupport. We’ve never regretted it. Since 2002, SureSupport has been providing our clients with exemplary web-based customer support.

We provide all our hosting, domain and SSL clients with free subscriptions to the SureSupport service. Once you sign up with us, you are also signed up for SureSupport. If you have a problem with your hosting, your domain or your SSL certificate, contact the support team by visiting and posting a ticket. One of the team members will get back to you.

Response times for our support team are pretty impressive. A quick audit of the transaction log shows that support tickets posted through the system were picked up by support team members with an average delay of only 46 seconds — with most tickets picked up in less than 10 seconds after they were submitted!! Responses are often filed in less than 5 minutes, though obviously the complexity of the problem can impact the response time.

While we’re very pleased with the service record, we’ve now added the One Hour Support Guarantee to help keep us on our toes. Here’s how it works:

If you file a ticket for a hosting, domain or SSL problem through our SureSupport system, and it takes more than one hour for you to get a response from the team, your next year of fees for the underlying service is free. In other words, if we make you wait, we’ll pick up the bill for the next year or hosting, domain name, or SSL fees. Note this only applies to tickets filed through SureSupport, so be sure you learn how to use that service — it’s dead simple.