Domain Names

Domain names provide human-friendly addresses for websites. Through registration of a domain name, you are able to point users to a web page for yourself or your company. Domain names also give you the ability to send and receive mail through your own mail servers and under the name of your choice.

[pullquote3 align=”left” variation=”steelblue”]Use strategic domain purchases to control your brand online.[/pullquote3]For many people, the first step in creating a web project is identifying an available domain name, then registering it. For those with existing websites, the growth of new top level domains (TLDs) mean that you will often find yourself registering additional names to protect your brand or your intellectual property. For example, if your site is located at, then you may also want to control and, etc.

Domain names are registered through a domain name registrar, who is responsible for maintaining records for the domain name and pointing the domain name to the server of your choice. At water&stone, we are are partnered with the registrar eNom to provide for our clients the widest range of TLDs and the security of being associated with one of the oldest and most reputable registrars.

Prices average US$ 30/year. All domain accounts include access to a domain name control panel and are covered by our One Hour Support Guarantee.

Use the button below to search for and register a new domain (you will be taken to the water&stone Client Service Portal, a secure link where you can register and pay.)

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